Entertainment PUblicists Professional Society Summer Mixer

“Sex Sells” Says Entertainment Publicists

EPPS Mixer at Punch Grill

By George S. Mc Quade III

Sex dominates the content of a majority of television shows, advertising and now the question begs of PR pros, where do we draw the line? How can Desperate Housewives or Baywatch not be about more than seeing hot, good looking people in extra martial neighborhood affairs or the newest swim suits. And now, new Las Vegas hotels have switched from the family fun themes to topless waitresses and entertainment at the new Casinos, pools and spas. So this writer couldn’t resist asking Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) members where do we draw the line on Publicity for sex sells?

“Who are we to draw the line when it comes to sex sells in advertising or publicity,” said Dr. Cynthia King, Cal-State Fullerton, Center for Entertainment and Tourism Studies” “I think you have to look at community standards to determine what’s appropriate and what audience. I find it’s interesting that any outlet would put a family angle given the historical experience in Vegas. It was an experiment that didn’t quite work, so it appears they’re going back to their roots.”

“I wish I was there now, although we have a pretty good substitute with us,” said Julian Myers, of Julian Myers PR, who also teaches entertainment publicity at UCLA. “As for publicist the more (of sex sells) the better,” he said.

“Sex sells very good,” said Author Kim Connet, who publicizing her own book called “Sex Secrets of America in Asia. “With a title like that sex sells, really helps the book sales.”

Julian Myers with
Author Kim Connett

“It definitely works,” said Molly Capenella, account rep. for MarketWire, Los Angeles. “It is certainly a much more visual public relations and marketing culture than it ever was before, and if it has to be sex sells, I’m all for it.”

Molly Campenella &
Sherri Sibiski, MarketWire

“I agree, it definitely gets your attention, and Las Vegas was never a family place anyway,” said Sherri Sibiski, west coast representative, MarketWire.

“Our biggest headline is ‘Mysterious Sexy’ so I think sex sells is a good thing,” said Courtney Jackson, publicist for high end Paris Fashion Designer Yves Castaldi. “For us we have incorporated sexy with classy, so there’s no trashy anymore, but rather mysterious, sleek and elegant.” “In Fashion, sex definitely sells, and the line we are doing is a little more conservative, and more tailored, clean and elegant, and I don’t know if we will follow the trend of sells. But, I really do think that you’re not going to appeal to the younger pop generation without someone that looks young and hot, someone they look up to,” said Morgan Olson, Yves Castaldi.

“I’m kind of tempered about it, because Las Vegas is taking on more show type, adult type of entertainment,” explained Ron Carter, The Carter Agency, Pasadena, which handles independent music artists. “10 or 20 years ago you wouldn’t see Celine Dion, Elton John Prince or Tony Braxton, but now they’re all in Vegas. Las Vegas used to known for the ‘has-beens’ and the few entertainers who meant anything to anybody. Because the city has taken on a whole new persona, Las Vegas is not the armpit of entertainment anymore.People should be able to take their kids to Vegas, but that’s not happening anymore,” said Carter.

The city is growing so fast, and you have all those big developers in and they don’t want to build things for kids, they’re thinking about building hotels for people who will come down there and spend a lot of money, and that’s really sad.”

“I think it is a positive direction that Las Vegas is going of sex sells is cool,” Lucia Singer, Berman Singer Public Relations, Los Angeles. “People always think sexy is cool, and they will also get people to visit to see how they are trying to promote themselves under the new sex appeals.”

The next EPPS event is next Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008

7:00 PM. Great door prizes and a chance to mingle with

entertainment publicists who represent music, movie, TV, gaming and hospitality industries. The door prizes are always blockbuster. Here’s where to RSVP.



sponsored by: Celadon Restaurant

The networking event of the season for Entertainment Publicists

will take place at one of LA’s Beautiful
and Unique Restaurants.

7910 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA

(1 block west of Fairfax)

Appetizers and refreshments.

(cash bar)

Celadon is a Euro-Asian “galerie culinaire” of small, beautifully presented and mouthwatering plates in a comfortable, chic Asian environment that has both rustic and modern elements.

Thursday, January 17, 2007

6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Door Prizes are an integral
part of this fun event.

If you have promotional gift
items you can donate as door prizes

Please contact: Kim Koury kim@spinprgroup.com

Free for EPPS Members and ICG Publicists

$20 Non-members-checks or credit cards only

RSVP this email, or call 888-399-3777

email: marilyn@eppsonline.org; online:www.eppsonline.org


Nicole Bern, Bern Switzerland, who manages the www.MayoPRSwitzerland.com office for arts and music divisions, attended her first EPPS event. “Interesting, but you need to keep an eye on the guy drawing the biz cards for the door prizes. He was pretty fast on the draw.”


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