“Redefining Love” A love story and movie just in time for Valentines Day

 “Redefining Love”

Here is the link to the movie trailer (more)

Actor Timothy Woodward, Jr.

Timothy Woodward, Jr.

 Swirl Films is getting ready to release “Redefining Love” this year.

People constantly use the word love, but what does it really mean? Redefining Love is the story of the search for the answer to that question.

The movie features a hot young cast including Jodie Sweetin (Full House), Serah D’Laine (Wild Things 3), Timothy Woodward Jr. (Whittaker Bay), Bevin Prince (One Tree Hill), and introducing Ryan Small and Jessica Rose Smith. Cole (Timothy Woodward Jr.) is a young man who has been through a lot in his short life and has always had a love for movies.

A year before our story begins; Cole’s father passed away and left him with the video store he had grown up in. This store and the people that work there have become Cole’s life.

Redefining Love follows Cole and his employees as they face changes in their lives that help define both themselves and what love means to them. Cole has been single for a long time, and has no desire to get into a serious relationship. His roommate, best friend, and model employee, Jase (Ryan Small), has been dating another employee at the video store, Gwyn (Bevin Prince), for quite a while and is convinced that they are meant to be together. One day both of their lives are turned upside down forever.

Gwyn breaks up with Jase, not because she doesn’t love him but because she is scared of how much she does. Cole takes Jase out for a night on the town to help distract him from of the break up. While they are out Cole has a chance encounter with a girl named Jo (Serah D’Laine). Jo is beautiful, smart, and unfortunately in a very serious relationship.

The story unravels with Jase never giving up on Gwyn, Cole’s feelings for Jo grow beyond just friendship, and a new romance blooms at the video store. All of our characters lay their feelings on the line, and learn that love is an individual and ever-changing emotion.


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