Actors, Producers and Directors Huddle in Hollywood For NY Style Italian Food and Fun

Free Networking Saturday Sept. 12th with Speaker Director Kiko Ellensworth.  (Photo Credit: Dimitri L. )

Free Networking Saturday Sept. 12th with Speaker Director Kiko Ellensworth. (Photo Credit: Dimitri L. )

This month the speaker will be…

Host: Creative Actors Alliance


Frankies New York Italian Restaurant
7228 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046 US

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Saturday, September 12, 11:30AM
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If you have never gone to one of these cool, friendly Saturday networking events in Hollywood don’t miss your chance on Sept. 12th (Saturday-yes there is coffe, too).

Great people singers, actors, directors and producers tell their stories about making it in Hollywood, how to get by and they will even share business cards with you. No pressure, no red carpet, just the real
Mc Coys.

Creative Actors Alliance
Network events are FREE!

Two years ago I took my 15  year old son (now 17) to one of these and to my surprise, he loved the food, the people and the music. That was when I wanted him….notice I said “wanted” him to become a child actor. Then I met Alec Baldwin in the Gym, while working out in Woodland Hills and later in a bookstore in Calabassas, CA and asked him a burning question (it was right before his brew ha ha voicemail to his daughter controversy, too).

I said, “Alec what advice would you give parents coaching their kids to become child actors, because you have a young daughter?”

Baldwin, with a serious look on his face paused, then turned to me and asked me a question:  “How many child actors do you still see acting or not in some kind of drug problems or rehab?”  He said, “If your child wants to become an actor they will when they go to school or college, but let them decide, and they will.”

Good advice. The only child actor I could think of at that moment was Gary Coleman, yea we all knew what happened to him, too.   Not to get off the beaten path…

Long story short, my 17 year old who just signed up for college, and of course he was late, came home and told me, “Dad all the classes are booked, but I was lucky enough to sign up for a three hour Cinematography class.” (hey no pressure, either).

My son was the star of his school play, and was born on my birthday, so I know it’s God getting even with me, because he is like a Jim Carey at home, and a polite, silent box boy at the local grocery store.  But the stories, and the way he tells them really crack me up.  He’s also good looking enough to be an actor, so who knows what’s in the cards.

So, the lesson here is… don’t force your kids to get into show biz.  And give them some freedom.  See what happens when you listen to NBC’s Rock Comedy TV Show Giant Alec Baldwin.

Next time I see him at the bookstore, I gotta thank him, even better.. buy him a latte and a book at Barnes & Noble.

Hope to see ya at the Sept. 12 Alliance Networker, too, so you can tell me your “True Stories of the Highway Patrol.”

Frankies New York Italian Restaurant
7228 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046 US


Board Members

Yetem Kefale Worku

The Creative Actors Alliance evolved out of a group of actors that began meeting outside of their acting classes to further hone their skills by working together each week. Through these self-mentoring series of weekly classes, the Alliance began to truly see what strength in numbers meant. During the latter months of 1999, these actors worked on cold reading, scene study and improvisations, while continually supporting and encouraging each other to go out and do their utmost to succeed.

The Creative Actors Alliance was formally created as the scene study group evolved out of a desire to simply hone skills and more to push the members’ careers in a unified manner. It was to little surprise that the decisive and talented original members moved into the business aspect of the industry in March 2000.

The Alliance immediately began planning film projects that soon came to fruition in the latter part of 2000, as well as assisting friends and fellow members’ in the casting and production of their independent projects.

Sara Pettycrew

July 2000 saw the birth of the Creative Actors Alliance’s cornerstone innovation, the Monthly Industry Event. First located at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Hollywood, the brunch soon grew to be one of the largest networking events in the city, and the longest running free monthly event in the region. Since its inception, the Monthly Industry Event has boasted such guest speakers as Elliott Gould, Charlize Theron, Michael Levine, Robert Forster, Jon Gries, casting directors, producers, agents, managers and many more.

The end of 2000 found the Alliance hosting its first of many charity events with their volunteer work for the Penny Lane organization, in cooperation with the Los Angeles Actors Coalition. The Alliance has since gone on to assist the Ryan Fury Memorial Fund, Toys for Tots, The Edward K Oliver Memorial Fund, the Los Angeles Mission and Performing Arts Studio West. More charitable events will continue to take place throughout each year.

Jeff Sable

The Creative Actors Alliance continued its innovations in 2001. A new affiliate program was introduced, much to the pleasure of the devoted patrons of the networking event. Not long after, a partnership was created with Z-ville Productions to produce “The Chair.” The Alliance began making other partnerships with groups such as Nosotros, The Florida Project, The Film Artists Network and many others. And July 2001 found the Alliance co-producing their first stage production, “Around the World in 3 Plays”.

The Creative Actors Alliance continued its push for excellence in 2002. They produced three staged productions, filmed a trilogy of comedic shorts, and formed an alliance with Wolf Point Productions and Jade Tiger Productions to create the acclaimed short film, “Tempus Fugit”.

October 2002 introduced the Creative Actors Alliance’s most innovative project to date, The C.A.S.T. Project. Continuing the Alliance’s goal to assist undiscovered talent in achieving success, this unique scriptwriting competition offered an opportunity for writers from around the world to be considered for literary representation by Los Angeles based literary agents, as well as having their one-hour episodic script produced into a presentation pilot.

2004 was a year of preparation for the Alliance. The C.A.S.T. Project winner, “The Tower” and The C.A.S.T. Project Reality Series was pitched to various production companies, and in 2005 the Alliance embraced the next stage of its evolution: the Repertory Production Membership Program – intended to facilitate the Alliance’s goal of producing more product.

In 2006, they decided to concentrate on producing feature films and geared up to produce the comedic drama, VAPOR TRAILS, written by Deon C. van Rooyen. VAPOR TRAILS is currently in development and you can visit the Production page for more info or visit


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