Media Expert George Mc Quade Outlines Why President Obama’s Health Care Pitch Is Failing.”Sounds and Looks Like He’s Campaigning”

George Mc Quade

Media Expert George Mc Quade, former EPPS Pres. reveals presentation secrets in live interview.

Media Expert George McQuade Talks about President Obama’s Media Strategy live on CSUHD-TV everything from a man with a gun at townhall meetings to PR tactics. Special Thanks to Van Bridgemen, who edited down the 40 min. segments into four parts that also includes discussion of the evolution of traditional media and new media, and how critical it is in today’s Public Relations and Entertainment Publicity challenges.

Special thanks to Van Bridgeman, who edited this 40 minute segment into four parts. This is part one talking about the President Health Care Package, not for or against, but rather how he is delivering the message in all the wrong directions.  He needs to step back and let the medical experts explain the difference, benefits and good, bad or ugly.


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