2012 – The Movie is #1 at the Box Office

2012 is a THUMBS UP and will knock your socks off

It is the old saying if looks could kill I would have been dead opening night after watching people come out the showing of 2012. I remember feeling a little numb after watching such a powerful film. It is enough to make you thirsty just for water and it created just enough tension to make you nervous every time you hear a newscaster say, “the earth was centered near LA, and 4.8 on the richter scale.” Two earthquakes, one the Channel Island and one in the desert made me think of 2012, again. I covered the 7.4 Landers, CA earthquake in Yucca Valley, and saw what damage it can do.

We hear too often about global warming, but this is a movie about the earth’s crust coming to a boil and spurring earthquakes, sunami tidal waves and total wipe out in global locations, and lastly we end up in China. Not sure why, but the toys created and invented would even make Director Martin Campbell marvel.’

The movie, starring Danny Glover and John Cusack, was the best opening ever for an original movie not based on a  franchise or best-selling novel.

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According to published reports “2012,” Director Roland Emmerich‘s 150-minute bonechilling disaster epic, flooded the foreign circuit with openings at 12,685 screens in more than 100 locations globally to earn the number one boxoffice tally of $160 million. Congrats, I believe it is the new record for an opening weekend, and remember “Titanic” the all time grossing movie earned $200 m.

The special effects are cool for any age, small children might be scared to wetting their pants, so I would not recommend it, but for everyone else who loves a thriller movie ride, it is worth seeing twice.  Wood Harrelson’s role as a tree hugging, hippie was hilarious and every scene was full of action drama. Without ruining the movie for you, the last 10 minutes felt like the Poisideon Adventure when the cruise ship flips upside down and starts to sink, and a only a handful of people venture to the top, which is the bottom of the boat.

Sony tells the media “2012” opened No. 1 in each market it played and drew the largest overseas boxoffice opening of all time for a non-sequel. In addition, according to the studio, its opening offshore gross was the fifth-largest ever.

Here’s what others said about the movie, too.

2012 Movie: Weekend Box Office Results

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Even before the new Roland Emmerich disaster movie2012” hit the big screen, many of us knew deep down that it would be a huge success. 

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