Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Picks San Diego iHub as “Innovation Hub”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger launches ihub innovation initiative.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles recently. MAYO PR image)

Governor Schwarzenegger’s Office  of Economic Development  Designates
San Diego as the Latest  Innovation Hub San Diego iHub  Now Joins California’s Innovation  Corridor to Advance State’s  Economic Innovation and Global Competitiveness

SAN DIEGO – To continue to center innovation at the forefront of the state’s economic recovery and position the state for long term economic prosperity, Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED) Director Joel Ayala today announced the designation of San Diego as the latest state-certified Innovation Hub (iHub). The iHub Initiative, which already boasts six regional hubs, seeks to advance the state’s national and global economic competitiveness by stimulating regional partnerships, economic development and job creation around research clusters.

“As a leader in developing new technologies, California will reap tremendous economic rewards through this critical Innovation Hub Initiative,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “Regional iHubs promote business creation and research and investment in the public and private sector, and this, in turn, promotes California’s world renowned high-tech economy and ensures the state continues to lead in future industries.”

image of iHub logo

iHub Innovation Initiative was launched in March

Launched in March 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger’s iHub Initiative provides a platform for research clusters, startup companies, government entities, business groups and venture capitalists by leveraging assets such as research parks, technology incubators, universities, and federal laboratories to foster innovation and job creation statewide. For decades, San Diego’s research corridor has served as a springboard for technological and entrepreneurial business development that helps generate and transform innovative ideas into viable products and companies. The experience San Diego will bring to the table as a flourishing iHub is expected to be a tremendous asset to the statewide network.
The San Diego iHub — focused on the convergence of three clusters: mobile health, biofuels, and solar energy and energy storage — will join the six existing iHubs including i-GATE in Livermore, OCTANe in Orange County, the Greater Mission Bay Area iHub in San Francisco, Sacramento iHub, the North Bay iHub in Rohnert Park, and the Coachella Valley iHub in the Western Coachella Valley and Greater Palm Springs.
“For years, the San Diego innovation economy has proven to be very effective in leveraging the region’s geographic, research and workforce strengths to support business creation and innovation,” stated GoED Director Ayala. “San Diego’s participation in this forward-thinking initiative strengthens the state’s innovation network and positions the region for further growth in the national and global arenas.”

To learn more about the iHub initiative or the designees

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED) was launched by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to help stimulate and facilitate economic growth across the state. GoEd serves as a one-stop shop for business needs and can offer assistance, resources, and other tools to assist with the creation, expansion and retention of businesses. GoED’s mission is to make it easier to do business in the state.

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Luis Farias
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