Sun Born Natural Products Company’s Herbal Chi Balm grabs new support in professional sports Arena

 Herbal Chi Balm Gains Recognition From World Class Athletes

Sacramento, CA Sun Born Natural Products announced today that it’s Herbal Chi Balm, a specialized natural product used for relief of pain from physical exertion, minor injury, and used for sports training has gained more ground. The balm formula contains 100 percent pure organic unrefined Shea Butter, and lavender oil along with 20 hot and cold Chinese herbs.

World Class Olympic Sprinter Patrick Johnson

World Class Sprinter and previous Olympic runner Patrick Johnson, and former Sambo World Champion, National Judo Champion, and 11 time Martial Arts Hall of Fame award winner Grandmaster Jody Perry support Balm. Both athletes use the product on a regular basis.

“Herbal Chi Balm has been on the private market for several years,” said President & CEO Roland Ludlow. “It literally has been tried by hundreds of people through the Shaolin School of Health and Self Defense in San Francisco. It has an excellent safe track record, and we are excited that it is now available to consumers in America.”

Besides being an excellent pain reliever, according many pro, semi pro, and sports enthusiasts who have used the product, Herbal Chi Balm has the added benefit of improving stamina, balance, focus, and flexibility, giving them an edge in their sport. The product was developed by combining ancient herbal science with 21st century technology using quantum physics.

Said Patrick Johnson world class sprinter, “As a professional athlete, the rigors of training can take its toll on the body. Muscle aches, stiffness, and soreness are common place. I have found Herbal Chi Balm to be extremely effective in relieving these discomforts, and very beneficial for training when used prior to my warm ups and later when I cool down”

Sun Born Natural Products Company recently released Herbal Chi Balm to USA consumer market. It was previously only available privately to athletes and other insiders.

For more about Sun Born Natural Products visit: For media interviews or media samples contact MAYO Communications, or call 818-340-5300.  

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