George McQuade MAYO Communications discusses Social Media on CNN Headline News

Los AngelesMAYO Communications’ George McQuade told CNN Headline News today many companies, startups, large and small don’t have a clue when it comes to Social Media.

Past President Entertainment Publicists Professional Society and Board Member George McQuade moderates Social Media workshops, leads media training and excecutive coaching at

McQuade talks about Google+, which has amassed 10 million members over the last two weeks. “It took Facebook three years to obtain that many people,” he said. “Twitter, which has about 250 million users also took a couple of years before getting 10 million users.”

McQuade told the CNN Headline news local edition audience that think before you post or blast your messages Online.

“The Internet is like a newspaper and the 10 Commandments, remember your quotes are set in stone.”

Some tips before using Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Observe for a few days, or a week if you can.

“Listen to what people are chatting about in live forums in your industry, in your social network. Find one that is a good fit. Linkedin is great for job seekers, because they often tell you how many people are on the network that work at the company you are vying for. And they may even be in your own network.

McQuade recommends “doing a little, but often.” And starting off with Google’s applications like Gmail, later Google Buzz (under your inbox of Gmail), Picassa, Google talk and Google+

“Google+ is really part of an over bundle of the Google+ Project, where the giant search engine company is integrating everyone’s posts, including images and video all in on place,” explained McQuade.

McQuade offers startups, nonprofits and large companies a free assessment of their Social Media, and media presence globally. For more contact George @ or call 818-340-5300. Much of McQuade’s Social Media can be found on the company website:

Check your local listings the recorded interview on CNN Headlines News on for scheduled times in your viewing area.


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