Corporate Social Responsibility is Not an Easy Sell to Millennials

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Young adults reveal that the Millennial generation doesn’t care as much about being environmentally concerned, community-oriented or politically engaged than previous generations did at the same age.

The report published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2012) revealed that the Millennial generation — people born after 1982 — considered “money, image and fame more important” than values like community involvement and self-acceptance.  The extreme opposite of baby boomers and GenX’ers when they were young adults.

picture o sledge grits band at mansion OBOL benefit

The Sledge Grits Band are part of the the Millennial generation, which has different values than Baby boomers did when they were that age

The study found that millennials were less interested in donating to charities, participating in politics or helping the environment. The results support the so-called “Generation Me” theory over the “Generation We” description often used in reference to today’s young people.

Image won Toyota van to transport pet supplies to 60 SoCal Animal Shelters. “It took a lot of social engage,” said OBOL Founder Eileen Smulson.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Founder Eileen Smulson, Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL), Los Angeles, a charity that collects blankets and pet supplies for some 60 animal shelters in Southern California. “Many of our volunteers are baby boomers, and we even have one baby boomer that makes home-comforters for animals,” she said. OBOL recently entered and won a van from Toyota’s 100 Cars For Good on Facebook.

Marcelle Lee LA Variety Magazine donates blanket OBOL W/Bobby Kimball Saving K-9 LIves

Last weekend Rock Star icon and legend Bobby Kimball kicked off a fundraiser at the Aspen TV Series location mansion as part of the Global Onslaught USA Music Tour and benefit brings Australia, UK and America artist together for the social cause, which also included the Millennial generation target audience.

on the red carpet with Bobby Kimball, Brad Smulson and Ernie Singleton

Bobby Kimball, Brad Smulson and Ernie Singleton on the red carpet with Bobby Kimball, Brad Smulson (OBOL) and Ernie Singleton, Single Entertainment.

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Smulson also observed that while there were 42,000 animal lovers who voted for OBOL a majority were outside of Facebook, “But most of them were either baby boomers, or beyond,”  she said.


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