Silicon Beach Young Professionals (YP) are defining the Digital Elite in LA


(L-R) George McQuade, Christina Jhong, Goldman Sachs and Paul Lim, BEA, LA Branch at the SiliconBeachYP monthly mixer @ Q’s Billiard Club, Santa Monica.

This story first appeared on Examiner & YAHOO.

At a monthly Silicon Beach YP mixer, which is one of the fastest growing and most talked about high tech events in SoCal, Founder Lucas Bean said, “No one should ever have to pay for a mixer again,” he explained. “I’ve been to a lot of them where you pay $10 – $15 or more just to meet with young entrepreneurs in technology.”

group shot of #SiliconBeachYPO

Silicon Beach YP mixers, which started in January have attracted nearly 300 young professionals at a time. And now, Google has become the main sponsor of the monthly mixers.

The mixers which started in January have attracted nearly 300 young professionals at a time. And now, Google has become the main sponsor of the monthly mixers.

Silicon Beach is a 3-mile region in the Los Angeles metropolitan area rich in Internet technology-related startup companies. According to Wikipedia it’s the area that stretches from Santa Monica to Venice. It is also one of the best kept secrets, which is about to take off like the high tech explosion of the late 1990’s, when the Silicon Valley was the major hot-spot for emerging technologies.

“SiliconBeach is the epicenter for the Digital Elite and a hotbed for tech start ups,” said Founder Lucas Bean of the new Silicon Beach Young Professionals (YP). Bean is also the founder and CEO of [method] DRG, performance marketing experts in social media, web applications, video production and mobile marketing company in Manhattan Beach. A short list of clients include: Sony, Atari, MySpace and Esperian to name a few. 

“Google is here, because they know where new business starts and new connections start,” noted Bean, who admitted he knows a lot of people, who work at Google, which helps.

Google was not the only big brand represented. Microsoft, MSN, Apple and a lot of CEO’s and entrepreneurs of startups, incubators and venture capitalists. Many were wheeling and dealing like young professionals should be doing. There were bankers, realtors, lawyers and other young professionals of nearly every industry in SoCal.

“We are here to connect LA’s brightest and most innovative young minds,” said Bean. “Most importantly it is taking place in our backyard.”

There was no cover for drinks and appetizers at the mixer held at the Q’s Billiard Club, in Brentwood, CA. Founder Bean said, “I founded the Silicon Beach Young Professionals, because I saw the need to build this tech community and create something great.”

It was the chance YP newbies and regulars to meet some of the Silicon Beach’s most influential professionals. There were also some high tech reps from San Francisco and San Jose, too.

“The free monthly mixer allows you to meet the CEO’s, developers and Social Media strategists of some of the most innovative startups in the tech community for Santa Monica and the greater LA area,” said Brian Gaouette, director of Social Media, [method] DRG. It’s also an event to keep up on the media trends such as mobilization of your company. “More people are spending a lot more time on mobile applications each day and if you’re not mobile optimized, you’re behind the times,” Gaouette said.

The only way to describe this event is “San Jose gone South”. What’s next for Silicon Beach YP? Baouette said, “Look for more free mixers, high tech workshops with panelists and community organized networking events. We want to build the high tech community not just doing networking.” They’re on the right track and Google is giving them the “+” sign.


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