No room to move on the Silcon Beach YP floor

 Silicon Beach Young Professionals (YP) gets a new sponsor and

A startup’s secret weapon: 

packed house at Q-Billiards Club

Silicon Beach YP Mixer at Q Billiard Club packs the house clear out to the patio in record attendance (“1,000 RSVP’s,” said SBYP Founder Lucas Bean.

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The amount of people freelancing part or full time has skyrocketed since the 2009 recession and according to, the freelancing business has become profitable, too.

picture of sign of Elance at SBYP meeting with

“Elance is a Startup’s Secret Weapon,” said City Manager, Susan M. Arete, SoCal,

“Elance is a Startup’s Secret Weapon, said City Manager, Susan M. Arete, SoCal, Elance at the Regus Santa Monica tonight (Aug. 29, 2013), where a free workshop was being held on how to get work or hire a freelancer.

“We provide instance access, 24/7 to freelance talent. It’s great for startups, which can’t afford to be a team, but still need talent and assistance in a startup off the ground, so working with freelancers solves the problem,” she said.

Arete also said the Elance is a leading worldwide site for online work offering so many benefits to the business owner, including payment protection, where freelancers only get paid if the work satisfies the agreement.

The most surprising note about this company, is an Elance press release Aug. 21, 2013 reported the company’s gross billings of $130 million just for the first half of 2013.

Silicon Beach is a 3-mile region in the Los Angeles metropolitan area rich in Internet technology-related startup companies. According to Wikipediait’s the area that stretches from Santa Monica to Venice. It is also one of the best kept secrets, which is about to take off like the high tech explosion of the late 1990′s, when the Silicon Valley was the major hot-spot for emerging technologies.

Crow shot of the SBYP monthly meeting.

One of he fastest growing young professional groups in Southern California,  (SBYP) sponsored by Google, Go Daddy, MSN and Elance.

“Silicon Beach is the epicenter for the Digital Elite and a hotbed for tech start ups,” said Founder Lucas Bean of the new Silicon Beach Young Professionals (YP). Bean is also the founder and CEO of[method] DRG, performance marketing experts in social media, web applications, video production and mobile marketing company in Manhattan Beach. A short list of clients include: SonyAtariMySpace and Experianto name a few.

SBYP Monthly mixer with founder LUcas BEan

Stacey L. Perkins, Lucas Bean (SBYP founder), Josh Pendrick, RYPPLE and Sara E. Biagini at the Silicon Beach Young Professionals monthly mixer sponsored by #GOOGLE, #MSN, # GODADDY and #ELANCE at Q-Billiards Cafe, #SantaMonica.

At a monthly Silicon Beach YP mixer (May 16, 2013), Founder Bean said, “No one should ever have to pay for a mixer again,” he explained. “I’ve been to a lot of them where you pay $10 – $15 or more just to meet with young entrepreneurs in technology.”

Pack Q's-Billiard Club with SBYP attendees.

Elbow-to-elbow room only at the record attended SBYP monthly meeting. Google, Go Daddy and MSN & sponsors.

You can sign up for free as a freelance individual or company representative and get about 40 job postings per month, or if you pay the monthly $10 upgrade it’s more than double that amount.

The mixers which started in January have attracted nearly 300 young professionals at a time.  At the August meeting some 1,000 RSVP for the meeting and discovered a long waiting line to get in at this month’s event.  And now, Google has become the main sponsor of the monthly mixers.

most talk about Silicon Beach Young Professionals meet in Santa Monica.

SBYP Founder Lucas Bean and Karla de la Garza at monthly mixer in August. “Our attendance is up 500%,” said Bean at the Q’s-Billiards and Restaurant, Santa Monica.

“Elance members take tests and they have a reputation for high quality work and include web developers, writers, graphic designers and internet marketers to name a few,” explained Arete.

It further shows the need and the niche for freelancers are here to stay. A new report (the annual Global Business Survey) by Staffing Industry Analysts further supports a picture of positive growth trends.

Another trending business phenomenon is Silicon Beach Young Professionals (SBYP), which has seen its monthly meeting attendance skyrocket from just 200+ to 1,000 RSVP’s since it started its mixers of lawyers, investors, startups and other young professionals last January. The elbow-to-elbow events are free and this month’s SBYP mixer (Aug. 22, 2013) at Q’s-Billiard Club and Restaurant, Santa Monica, was jammed packed on both floors of the trendy Bar & Grill.

Crowds at the SBYP meeting in Santa Monica,

1,000 people RSVP for the most talked about SBYP meeting in Santa Monica. Overcrowded venue poured onto the patio and hallways.

GoogleGo Daddy,MSN and Elance are sponsors. Elance Representative, Joe Skatell said, “It’s a great place for advertising your small business and Santa Monica has a lot of new startups coming the Santa Monica area, so it’s a great match,” he said.

The monthly meeting has become one of the fastest growing and most talked about high tech events in SoCal since the technolgy industry began rebounding.

elbow to elbow room at SBYP meetings sponsored by MAYO Communications, LA.

Q-Billiards provides the venue for wall-to-wall sold out monthly meetings of the SBYP. More than 1,000 RSVP for one of the fastest growing events that attracts CEO’s, lawyers, startups, realtors and other young professionals. The best part of the montly mixer and drawing card is the events are totally free.
Google, MSN, Go Daddy and Elance are sponsors of the August monthly mixer. SBYP plans to include speakers and seminars later this year.

“Google is here, because they know where new business starts and new connections start,” noted Bean, who admitted he knows a lot of people, who work at Google, which helps.

Standing room only at the SBYP meeting in Santa Monica.

Standing room only out to the patio for the monthly SBYP meetng. “I have a larger venue for next month,” said founder Lucas Bean. “I’m just happy people are excited about this fastest growing group in the SoCal area.”

Google was not the only big brand represented. Microsoft, MSN, Apple and a lot of CEO’s and entrepreneurs of startups, incubators and venture capitalists. Many were wheeling and dealing like young professionals should be doing. There were bankers, realtors, lawyers and other young professionals of nearly every industry in SoCal.

SBYP attendees proudly holding up the sign at the monthly meeting.SBYP attendees proudly holding up the sign at the monthly meeting.

Meridith D. and T. Vella (left) help hold up the sign at one of the fastest growing mixer networks in the #SiliconBeach area of SoCal. 1,000 CEO’s of startups, investors and young professionals RSVP for the monthly meeting.

Skatell was passing out flyers for the free workshop showing entrepreneurs how to use freelancers as a “Startup’s Secret Weapon.” (more on the story)



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