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This Blog is about – New media, social media, Public Relations, Marketing Communications, traditional media, interesting campaigns and people in the entertainment circles, communications, business, utilities, social media and technology world.

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Aida Mayo, SBYP

Aida Mayo, president of MAYO Communications (left) attending the monthly Silicon Beach Young Professionals (SBYP) in Santa Monica, Ca.

And Entertainment Publicity/Communicators
Group on

Media Placement is MAYO Communications niche:
“We Don’t guarantee media, we just get!”

Call for publicity if you do not see yourself in the local newspaper, or on TV or hear yourself on the radio.

Social media driving you crazy. Let us drive your traffic and manage your social networks, so you can sleep at
knowing everything is under complete control.

Call for your free media assessment, too.

Join us on FACEBOOK.COM/MAYOPublicRelations
on Twitter.com/MAYOPR or /gmcquade
on Google+ //plus.google.com/114300093198490234271/posts?hl=en

818-340-5300. AidaMayo@mayocommunications.com

For MAYO Communications
please contact Aida Mayo, president, 818 340 5300/

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